Staff Members Wanted!

We are currently looking for new staff members to help us expand our work into other locations. Part time positions start from just one hour a day, and full time positions include manager-class positions. We are looking for self motivated people who have a strong interest in health care. If you are interested in joining us, please submit any questions you have through our contact information page.

Our Goal

New Medical Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of naturopathic therapy. Our goal is to help promote an environment where prevention takes priority over cure. Our plans include seminars, classes, and pulic events that will help others learn about foods that promote health as well as other tips for healthy living.

From Cure to Prevention

We live in a time when the focus is shifting from “cure” to “prevention.” In the past, most medical research was based on giving treatment after the patient has become sick. Many doctors are now beginning to realize the importance of preventing the sickness in its earliest stage possible.